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S H O P * C

The project titled Talking Trees was dedicated to celebrate a multidimensional similarity of all living forms and I was looking in particular to capture resemblance between a leafless tree structure and the cardiovascular or nervous system.

Presented images were chosen from hundreds taken over three winter seasons on a very small Scottish Island of Cumbrae, my current place of residence.

The unusual colours and lighting are effects of my experimentation with a variety of vintage manual camera lenses and a long-exposure method, while using DSLR camera.

The pictures were always taken from tripod on a wind free day, usually under cloudy, fading away evening light.

These specific circumstances, commonly described as adverse photographic conditions, were crucial to trigger the ‘overdrive’ of camera's sensor struggling to correctly recognised the colours and in turn created unexpectedly artistic images.

Additional editing was applied to help blur the line between photography and painting. 

Browsing through hundreds of takes I could identify pieces with a quality of minimalist or abstract art and some of them even reminded me of Claude Monet’s chromatic vibrancy or Van Gogh’s Starry Night expressiveness.

The unique aesthetics of this relatively new project has been already recognised and exhibited at various photo competitions.  

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