S H O P * B

The project titled Vivid Imagination illustrate my earliest and longest research into an intuitive perception and non speculative      imagination. I think these are important aspects of how our unique individuality develops and also acknowledgement of our sensory and intellectual limitations to fully understand the true substance of reality.

Since young age I was fascinated by surreal art especially Max Ernst’s Europe After the Rain and Yves Tanguy’s semi abstract

           approach where you observe vividly tangible yet totally non existent environments



           While study at the arts academy I started to experiment with ready printed images namely glossy magazine’s pages and  posters.               By removing parts of the ink with the ordinary pencil eraser or very fine sand paper I could partially disintegrate the intended

           narrative of the original image and create a kind of a new dimension to be explored. This had resulted in fusion of realistic and

           abstract content and could be closely associated with surrealism or magic realism art trends.

           Having been blessed with a skilful hand I have mastered over the years the seamless blending technique in both pencil and oil


           Since realising that no known to me artist employed the use of photographic image in such a particular way, I have decided to

           distinguish this process as ‘gollage’ in parallel to collage.

           You will find a number of representative artworks in form of prints in this section and also a few original gollages in  S H O P * X 

           To further explain the unique characteristics of ‘gollage’ technique I am planing a few short video workshops, please stay tuned.