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Limited Edition Prints

Still Life    S H O P * A 

Vivid Imagination    S H O P * B

Talking Trees    S H O P * C

Originals  S H O P * X


C O M I N G   S O O N

The above digitally created images form an ongoing since 2016 project Eternal Portraits and strive to celebrate the timelessness of human conditions, the female beauty in particular. To achieve the sense of perpetuity I have decided to blend surreal, abstract and realistic art forms equally to stimulate the viewer’s broad interpretations of space and subject. 

All the elements were acquired either from my digital photo collection or online resources.

My aim was to almost scientifically reconstruct the subject of original painting with a photographic accuracy.  

Since it is not possible to find a living person with the exactly same face some parts have been blended from a few models to create the final one bearing the required characteristics.

Thanks to the Photoshop’s liquify function I was able to modify and reconstruct the shape of an eye, nose, lips or ear with almost microscopic precision.  

The core of the creative process was the blending of all the elements spread on to hundreds of layers. To avoid the artificially clinical “one click-done” effect so often associated with digitally created artwork I have employed my long term experience as the traditional painter.

There is nothing in images coming from computer's 3D program but the healthy play of cold and warm tones guided by the human eye trained to create all kind of illusions. Thanks to some imperfections in the process it adds a real painting effect to it.

Great part of my inspiration comes from the admiration of precision, patience and dedication typical of Old Masters and I was happy to take a weeks of time to correct and harmonise every small detail by hand using a digital pen.

The set of limited edition prints will be available very soon.

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