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Thank you for scrolling down this page and reading my plea for support. 

I’m not the one of those fortunate artists able to pay their bills purely from sales of their artwork. It has been always struggle for me to find the right balance between doing things necessary for survival and total dedication to artistic creativity.

The above image form the unfinished project Eternal Portraits, which is collecting dust since 2015 and became my greatest concern.

It is an elaborate and time consuming digital transformation of Old Masters pieces into contemporary context with a notion of perpetual qualities of human nature.

As you can imagine I am desperate to contribute the final results as soon as possible. It is my hope that your empathy let me simply buy more stress-free time to create.

The 2020 has been particularly devastating for most of us on many levels but if you are comfortable to support my ongoing art projects it would be greatly appreciated.

The support header above will take you to PayPal donation page, many thanks and all the best on your path.